Apex Legends - Simple Tips and Tactics

So you want to improve your chances at becoming an Apex Legend! You’ve probably seen guides so far that tell you the same thing over and over again. Here are some real tips to improve your play outside of simply “get better at aiming”. Your aim will improve depending on how frequent you play shooting games s instead let’s talk about things you can do for quick improvement.

Reload it All

After every fight reload both your weapons. You don’t want to be caught switching weapons then find that you have to reload too. You will immediately lose any close range engagement.

Also remember when you pick up a magazine clip upgrade reload that weapon so you have more bullets in the next engagement.

Ping like Crazy

Ping every item because your allies may be missing something. It also marks what that item is on the map. It’s crazy the amount of upgrades which are missed because players are selfish. Any time you see an enemy. Ping them. Keep constant information on enemy locations and loot. Improving your squads chances improves your own chances.

Loot Fast, Plan Ahead.

You don’t need your weapons out at all times and having them holstered increases sprint speed. Strike the map fast. Be faster than your enemies at looting and gain the advantage. Make sure to slide for those speed boosts! As soon as you land, have a second destination to move to in mind and start sprinting there. However, A squad is only as fast as its slowest member. Don’t be that member. CHARGE ONWARDS!

Minimize taking on Multiple Squads

Our feelings get hurt when we are attacked by multiple squads.

Long battles draw attention. The longer you stay in one place and fire the more likely other squads will move in on that location. The smaller the circle the less time you have to finish a battle. Keep your engagements short and end them fast. Or decide that you cannot win that engagement and move to a safer position at the edge of the circle. There is less chance of enemies appearing behind you along the edge.

Important Items - Balance your inventory

You probably understand that armor is important. Also take note that magazine clips upgrades for guns give you a stronger chance of winning close range engagements. Magazine upgrades also increases reload speed. Count how many times you die whilst reloading. However Most guns are capable of killing without needing to reload and increasing your clip size can significantly increase your chances of winning even with wonky aim.

Attack Vulnerabilities

If your team strikes the enemy first with some good shots. Don’t give them chance to hide and shield/heal up. Charge and finish them off. Opening up with powerful single shot weapons can create fantastic opportunities to wipe the entire squad.

If you find yourself dodging enemy attacks think about when they are about to reload. Be ready the moment they need to and use that time to attack.

Picking Allies up is a Trap!

We all like to be a Hero. Picking up an ally when enemies are close is a derp move though. An enemy doesn’t want to give you any chance to heal or shield let alone pick up an ally. Even in middle range combat enemies will seek to charge if they know they have a 2v3 scenario. You have to figure out when it is safe to pick up an ally and like above, charge enemies when they are down a Legend.

When you are Down - Ping Enemies

Ping enemies like crazy. Let your allies know where the enemy is. That is the best way you can help your ally to get you back up. Give them the information they needs to defeat the enemy and once it is clear he can pick you up.

When to finish off enemies

Getting kills is great but wasting bullets on downed enemies can leave you a few bullets short of finishing off the next enemy thats about to turn the corner and kill you. If you kill the last member of the squad you’ll get your kills. If the enemy seems rather random and doesn’t appear to have allies, and you have allies nearby, finish them off with shots to the head after breaching their shield for a quick finisher. Sure, use your execute if you want those stats but it’s risky being locked into animations.

Deployment - Hot Zones

When deploying in an area with enemies don’t stray too far from the team. It’s not about having to pick someone up who gets downed far away. It’s about having that extra fist or gun in a fight. Before you touch down see if there are an enemies that have landed alone and try to land on top of him. Squads who are down a legend within a minute of touching down are almost always easy kills.

Deployment - Cold Zones

When you land and you know there are no teams around. Your team should scatter and loot all the areas as fast as possible. Ping like crazy because sometimes one team member can get bad luck and find no weapon or armor. Whether a hot or cold zone. Have an idea of which area you will move to next.

I don’t know why so many players are like this. You are low on health and you haven’t noticed lifeline has ran across the map to you and placed a healing drone for you. You have instead decided to keep running away completely oblivious. Acknowledge what your team can do for you and enable them to be useful. A Doctor can only help patients that want to be helped.

Avoid Open Ground - Narrow your flank opportunities

Open ground is a death trap. Whilst navigating across the map always try to be near cover. Imagine that at any moment you could be fired upon and you will need to duck into cover. When you do come under fire, figure out where they’re shooting from. You can learn some valuable information based on what you see and hear. You should at least be able to tell if they were shooting with a sniper rifle or not. If it is a sniper don’t be poking your head trying to look for too long.

Loot Armor to Replenish Shields in a bind.

Use all the chest items around you in a pinch! If your armor is damaged you can loot enemy armor from their dead boxes to restore your shields quickly or any armor off the ground, even if it is a downgrade, full basic armour is better than depleted Legendary armor. Just remember to pick up your highest capacity armor once you’ve won your engagement.

Balance your Equipment

You like the Longbow? You don’t need all 5-6 stacks of Heavy Ammo. You probably won’t fire 160 shots during the match so 2 stacks is enough. If you use the heavy machine gun ‘Spitfire’ then you need more to keep you combat ready.

If you’ve found some blue medkits then get rid of your syringes. Try to keep a couple of grenade stacks.A stack of 6 small shields and a stack of medium blue shields is good. As you kill you’ll resupply.

Balance your Teams Equipment

The whole team using the same gun is going to be a problem for the teams ammo resource, with a slight exception to light weapons where ammo is more common.

If everyone is using heavy weapons, especially the Spitfire, then it’s going to be difficult to have the whole team supplied with heavy ammo.

Do you all have shields, medkits, and ammo?  Trust me. Your team is going to want to make sure you have all three and similarly you want to make sure they are armed with the same. A team mate who cannot heal themselves or fire back is going to be a hindrance. Share that loot. Let your team know if you need ammo by going to the inventory screen and pinging the ammo you need. You can also ping empty upgrade slots. If you feel like typing or using voice let the team know if you need shields, medkits, or grenades.

Throw Lifeline Cooldown Accelerants

Lifeline should be slurping down those cooldown accelerants. Pick them up if you have room and throw them to her if she is on your team. You’ll almost always get some good gear from it.

Use Dem Grenades! Use Items Around You!

Most players die with grenades on them. If you happen to be in an engagement but have the opportunity to go to a nearby death box then consider throwing your grenades and then looting more. Grenades are a great way to get hostiles out of cover or get some free damage.

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